Loans are for now only available for properties located in Germany. All loans are denominated in Euro.

Private borrowers and - investors have to be of legal age and must - for now - have their primary residence and bank account in Germany.

​Commercial borrowers need to have their seat in the EU.

For a requested loan to be refinanced at low rates through the capital market, natural persons and enterprises have to submit to a scoring/rating in order to check their creditworthiness; properties are appraised based on conservative appraisal standards. The credit check is based on the standards that mortgage banks have to apply in order for the loans to be eligible for covered bonds. The rule is: Only if the risk for loan investors is low, interest rates, which are risk fees, can be low as well.

Before scoring/rating begins, credit information will be obtained. Positive (in Germany: Schufa/Creditreform) information is a minimum requirement for continuing the loan application process.

Loan investors undergo an accreditation process, so that all legal requirements i.e. in terms of money laundering laws are met. In addition to this investors will be thoroughly informed about the risks of their investment.

Purchase, development and refurbishment of a property will be financed. There are different minimum loan amounts - starting at €125,000 - set for each Peermatch loan program.

On request refinancing, follow-up financing and capital procurement (i.e. 'reverse mortgage') are possible starting at €25.000; however for loans lower than €125.000 there will be fixed fees charged upon closing. 

Loan investors are able to invest on the platform starting with a minimum investment of €5.000. They are enabled to invest in entire or fractions of single loans. 

Residential segment

In the segment 'Residential' all kinds of residential housing no larger than four units are financed: flats, single-family homes, attached homes, semi-dettached homes, residential buildings with business units, multi-family homes and lettable vacation properties. Owner-occupiers will be financed at all locations. The eligibility of 'Buy-To-Let' properties is limited.

Commercial segment

In the segment 'Commercial' all kinds of residential properties larger than four units and office buildings are eligible. Office buildings are only financed in big cities (in Germany: Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Munich). Retail properties only in prime locations of big cities. Student dorms and dorms of social agencies can be financed upon request. Other operator properties (hotels, social properties) or industrial properties, logistic buildings and retail properties or regenerative power stations will be not financed.

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