Peermatch and loan investors

Higher YieldRealkredit is as safe as State Bonds or 'Pfandbriefe'. Yet performing better.More ChoiceLoan investments with more terms (1 to 30 years) and features.Easy TransferPlatform enables loan transactions in a 'delivery-versus-payment' way.

Systemic Security'Chain of security' replaces trust in 'old school' asset manager.

Direct AccessThe proprietary chat function seamlessly connects loan investors with the borrower market.

Sounds too good to be true?
Two Peermatch innovations make it possible: CCSE and PTSL.


CCSE stands for 'Cryptographic Chat Search Engine', the technology to search, chat and share in a safe way.


PTSL is short for 'Pass-Through Single Loan', the peer-to-peer technology to perfectly match loans.