Frequently Asked Questions

What are the system requirements? 

We currently support the following browser versions: Internet Explorer 9 or higher, Safari 7, Firefox and Chrome. Our mobile apps require iOS 7 resp. Android 4.1 or higher. Older devices or browsers may not be compatible with our systems.

Why do I have to sell my loan on the Peermatch platform?

The advantages of 'PTSL' (read more on this under 'Technology') are only available when the loan is sold on the platform. By applying 'PTSL' Peermatch enables you, the borrower, to factually draw the funding for your mortgage loan directly from the capital market. This makes new and very customer-friendly loan products possible. But for this to happen there must be a distinct process in place that includes a loan sale on the Peermatch platform. The loan sale is conducted on your behalf. The process is transparent. There is no difference between what Peermatch does compared to a traditional bank. The 'middleman' has been removed. If a loan goes in arrears or even in default the same bank standards apply to Peermatch and their customers. Peermatch loan investors do not speculate. Their intention is to earn interest on the monies lent and to get repaid through regular loan redemptions.

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