About us

Peermatch B.V. is a financial technology company ('fintech') based in Amsterdam. Peermatch is a European undertaking privately funded and bank-independent.

Peermatch is a peer-to-peer platform for mortgage lending. The Peermatch system facilitates 'match-funding'; using algorithms loan projects and investor profiles are brought together precisely as demanded. That is the revolutiory reformation of the traditional mortgage lending depending on banks and/or securitization structures.

The disruptive business model enables borrowers to finance their undertakings with minimized downpayments on one platform, with only one financing partner involved and through one loan agreement; loan investors are for the first time able to invest in all yields of the new asset class 'property loan' on one platform.

Central component of the Peermatch system is the 'Mortgage Lending App' whose technology enables users to communicate with the platform, in safely, fast, anytime and anywhere.


Peermatch B.V.
Koninginneweg 170
1075 EG Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Telephone: + 31 20 223 29 79
Email: info@peermatch.com

Peermatch Management GmbH
Reuterweg 40
30232 Frankfurt am Main
Telephone: + 49 69 977 82 77 0
Email: info@peermatch.com