Advantages for Borrowers

Peermatch structures the credit risk and organizes a lending solution to offer all elements of a financing in a one-stop-shopping way as 'Unitranche Financing'. Professional investors are ready to receive offerings to invest in your loan or in the credit risk of your loan that match their investment profile set-up on the platform. They will get risk-adjusted yields. Unitranche Financing via the Peermatch System has the following advantages:

  • You negotiate only with one financing partner. No inter-creditor agreements.
  • It is uncomplicated: Everything is regulated in one loan agreement.
  • Superfast due diligence and reliable decisions
  • Attractive blended interest rates and fee structures
  • Lower costs for lawyers and servicers

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Who we finance

Peermatch structures and organizes lending solutions with high LTVs for building plots, development projects and existing properties in Germany.

Financed are::

  • Housing Companies
  • Real estate Investors
  • Property Owners
  • Real estate Developers

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What is financed

  • Multi-Family-Homes, Hotels, Dorms
  • Office Buildings
  • Logistic Properties
  • Retail Properties
  • Social Properties
  • Properties in Germany
  • Purchase / Development / Refurbishment
  • Loan Amounts from EUR 1 m. to EUR 50 m.
  • Financing of 100% of costs possible
  • Terms: 3, 12, 18, 24,…, 360 months

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We have to know first:

  • Asset Type (i.e. Commercial Real Estate in Germany)
  • Project Type (i.e. Purchase, Development)
  • Short description of undertaking (5 sentences) 
  • Short cost plan  (Purchase price (Plot, House), building costs etc.)
  • Location of property
  • Use Type (i.e. Housing, Office, Retail)
  • Rental state and income
  • Preferred loan amount and LTV
  • Preferred maturities
  • Planned disbursement date
  • Seat of Borrower
  • Special information eligible for public funding etc.)

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