Conditions for Borrowers

​Peermatch enables innovative and very customer-friendly loan programs. The loan programs come with a broad choice of terms and two redemption alternatives: 'Bullet' and 'Annuity'. And there are more options to choose: a 'Callable' loan, the special 'On Demand' loan and 'Protection'. Configure your loan solution in using all the 'building blocks' the Peermatch platform has to offer. It is all in your hand!

The underlying 'Base Loan' is suitable to finance both 'RRE' (Residental Real Estate) and 'CRE' (Commercial Real Estate). At Peermatch all loan conditions are equal to all borrowers; the 'APR' (Annual Percentage Rate) depends on the 'LTV' (Loan-to-Value, the loan amount in relation to the property value) and not on the scoring/rating value of the individual borrower. 


Bullet loan
1 up to 10 years
Annuity loan
10 up to 30 years

Bullet loans.

'Bullet' loans are loans that are repaid at the end of the term. Borrowers thus pay monthly a fixed interest instalment and redeem the loan in full at maturity.

Annuity loans.

'Annuity' loans are loans with a fixed monthly payment that comprises interest and repayment in one instalment. At maturity the loan is hence fully redeemed.

Callable loans.

'Callable' loans are loans that can be redeemed by a borrower at any time without penalty either by (a) repayment of the residual debt ('American Option') or (b) buying back the loan at present value ('Danish Option'). In choosing a 'Callable' the borrower carries no interest risk. The value risk, the risk of experiencing a 'Lock-in Effect' (the property value is lower than the residual loan amount as result of the 'Real Estate Cycle'), is minimized. With choosing a 'Callable' borrowers can fix a longterm (up to 30 years) interest rate and stay flexible at the same time; they are free to decide whenever interest rates develop or life changes.

On Demand loans.

'On Demand' loans are enabled through special loan programs that are issued for distinct properties. In these instances borrowers will enjoy most-suitable rates along with a super-fast closing process.


Peermatch offers borrowers the option to finance without (or less) equity. This option is available for 'RRE' and 'CRE' loans. If borrowers, that are not able or do not want to make a downpayment nor supply their own additional collateral, ask for loans beyond the 'Base Risk' of a particular property asset, Peermatch has a solution. It offers 'Protection'. In this case specific risk fees will apply in addition to the monthly instalments for the 'Base Loan'. In order to supply risk-adjusted and transparent pricing on 'Protection' Peermatch set distinct 'Risk Classes' ('Base', 'Top', 'Sky' and 'Space') for property assets in its standard rules ('Peermatch Standard').

Risk classes

Conditions for Loan Investors

The platform enables loan investors to enjoy a broad choice of loan investments regarding terms and risk classes. Everything else is standardized. The loan investor for instance does not choose a certain borrower or property of a loan investment.

Every loan investor has to be accredited to the platform. Natural persons have to meet distinct criteria regarding their income, wealth situation and investment experience. Please ask one of our specialists about the exact requirements. Loan investors will be thoroughly informed about the risks of their loan investments.

Base loan
senior secured risk
Top protection
junior secured risk
Sky protection
mezzanine risk
Space protection
entrepreneurial risk


Depending on the desired risk class ('Base', 'Top', Sky' or 'Space') loan investors can invest in a 'Base Loan' or in 'Protection', which are investments in a subordinate credit risk of a single mortgage loan. The 'Base Loan' is a gilt-edged investment, in terms of credit default risk comparable to state and covered bonds.

Virtual securitization.

All investments ('Base Loan', 'Top Protection', 'Sky Protection' and/or 'Space Protection') are facilitated vis-à-vis loan investors as loan investments. This is possible through PTSL, the peer-to-peer technology Peermatch developed for its lending platform. It makes any common securitization (covered bonds, ABS) or debt-fund solution obsolete.

Contingency fund.

Peermatch Capital S.A. (the lending platform) will hold part of its received transaction fees (read also under 'Fees') in its 'Contingency Fund' over the loan term in order to cover credit risks in a distinct market (i.e. Germany). This money is set aside in favour of loan investors to cover first-loss risks. The lending agent (i.e. in Germany this is Peermatch Management GmbH) of a particular loan transaction has the chance to receive these reserve funds at the end of the loan term, if there has been no credit default with the particular single loan. This is an incentive for acting responsibly in the origination phase.


Peermatch has a transparent fee model that equally applies to all users.

Using the web technology supplied by Peermatch B.V. is free of charge.

Peermatch earns through fees on loan transactions. These fees are always transparent and part of the effective APRs for borrowers and loan investors.

Borrowers will be charged only in the event of a legally valid loan agreement. Depending on the loan program the financial agent (in Germany this is Peermatch Management GmbH) will receive specific one-off or running fees.

There is no bank margin. The interest of the borrower is the interest the loan investor gets. It is the market rate.

Loan investors pay Peermatch Capital S.A. (the lending platform) depending on the loan program specific one-off or running fees after disbursement of the loan to the borrower.

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