Alle Elemente einer Immobilien­finanzierung auf einer Platform

Auf dem digitalen Marktplatz wird das Kreditrisiko so strukturiert, daß Anleger je nach Renditeerwartung investieren können. Von 1 bis 18%

Peermatch is an app for mortgage loans. You can use it to search, chat, share and match. It is all in your hand.

Using the platform, investors invest directly in loans und receive risk-adjusted yields; there is always an underlying property value. Borrowers enjoy low capital market rates.

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​​Search for loans in three steps:

Start chat in search field and configure your best solution.

During the initial consultation you stay anonymous until sign-up.

Simply share all information and documents in chat.

Your sensitive data will be encrypted and is totally safe with us.

Match supply and demand in the capital market yourself.

A data trustee keeps any borrower's identity confidential.

​We built Peermatch for:

Residential borrowers

Starting from April 2016 German consumers can finance up to 4 units of housing in Germany.

Commercial borrowers

Professional customers get loans for Housing > 4 units/Office/Retail in the 7 big cities of Germany. Soon in more cities. 

Private investors

German consumers soon can now invest in property loans. Who and how much depends on the German legal requirements.

​Institutional investors

Professional investors can now invest in loans on German properties (Residential/Commercial) with different risk-adjusted yields.